About Us


is proposed to be the biggest and first of its kind technology park in Pakistan. The project is one of its kind in that it offers a completely self-sustaining center of excellence complete with captive power, alternate power solutions, training institute, development, research as well as high end residence and recreation areas. In order to completely cover the scope of the mega project, two separate though interrelated plans need to be made which are:

1. Technology Development Plan (Henceforth called Plan-T) comprises of three major components:

  • ATTA Institute of Technology (AIT)
  • ATTA Centre of Excellence (ACE)
  • ATTA Technology Centre (ATC)

2. Residence Development Plan (Henceforth called Plan-R)



Short Term (5-10 years): A self-sustaining centre of excellence doubling the IT generated revenue for Pakistan.

Long Term: To become the global biggest and best IT solution provider under one roof in areas of our choice.



  • AIT – Develop and provide human resource to ACE as well as conduct R&D and optimization of chosen streams.
  • ACE – To provide state of the art solutions to local and international clients through self developed teams working in different streams.
  • ATC – To provide commercial space to technology partners for show, sale and better coordination with ACE. To become the primary center for all technology solutions.