Secondary Areas


  • Captive Power generation, maintenance and upkeep.
  • Alternate energy through Solar panels
  • Roof top farming gardens
  • Boundary walls/Security: 100% of area would be under camera eyes with task force ready for any mishap. Visual analytics/facial recognition/vehicle tracking solution would be implemented in premises.
  • Dedicated Internet Bus
  • Multiple gyms and sports/recreational areas for ATP-R residents, AIT staff & students and ACE employees would be provided.
  • Transport (point to point) from various areas of Karachi on monthly subscription. Contract to be given to some suitable company.
  • Transport yard for holding, maintenance and upkeep of ATP vehicles
  • Mosque with hired Khateeb
  • 24 hours x Medical facility for basic emergencies and first aid
  • ATC Mall Management Team
  • ACE webpage development and upkeep